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More than a biker site

MOTO TOUR CROATIA site was created by bikers for all types and levels of motorcycle riders. It is a biker online community made up of motorcycle enthusiasts. Actual riders, riding partners, riding friends, and biker brothers now have a daily resource dedicated just for the motorcycle family and biker lifestyle. Users can connect with one another by sharing each others stories, photos, trips and so much more.

MOTO TOUR CROATIA will continue to evolve by listening and providing fellow brothers and sisters of the biker motorcycle community the best possible online experience.


Perfect moto experiance

Come with us and get rhe perfect moto experiance.

Choose a three-day or longer arrangement and spend the time of your life enjoying a motorcycle ride and the most beautiful scenery in Croatia. We'll drive you through places you certainly didn't know existed, with friendly hosts and phenomenal gastronomy.



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Tre ragazzi , tre piloti su motori , due Ducati Grandi e uno piccolo Kawasaki percosero oltre duemila chilometri in tre giorni .

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After three days of travel, two boat trips, the fear of a volcano in Sicily that erupted just as we passed it, we arrived at our destination - Malta.

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This rare difference in everything that surrounds us is only rarely experienced. I consider myself a privileged lucky man who, by the combination of circumstances, was given the opportunity to live a life that I never could have imagined in my wildest dreams.

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